The Damascus story

It was on the road to Damascus in Syria that the conversion occurred of the fiery zealot Saul.

He was heading to Damascus from Jerusalem to persecute the Christians but was moved by his great conversion to become Paul the Protector not the Persecutor.

The significance of the name is recognition of the tremendous effort St Paul had to make to change direction following his conversion on the way to Damascus.

Those who come to this Damascus Health Services have also recognised the need to change direction and hence Damascus Health Services symbolises a turning point in life’s journey for many.

The Brisbane Private Hospital is proud to be able to continue and expand on Father Gerry Nichol’s work and ideas.

We seek to address the spiritual, psychological and physical needs of each unique human being, regardless of race, colour or creed by providing a professional caring environment.

We believe in the right of each individual to have access to quality care and that each person is to be treated with dignity and respect.

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